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24630 Mitchell RD, Hempstead, TX 77445 | 281-894-PUMP (7867) | En Espanol: (832) 630-7227

aerobic multi tank system diagram

Major components and functionality of an aerobic multi-tank system.

An aerobic multi-tank system is similar to a standard aerobic single-tank system, just that the multi-tank system separates all three tanks.


Waste from the home is feed into the Pre-Treatment “Trash Tank.” Septic solids are retained, pre-treated and gravity filtered prior to flowing to the next stage of treatment.


Partially filtered waste water flows to the Aeration Chamber. Here an air pump or rotor will agitate the waste water in the Aerobic Treatment Tank. This action increases the oxygen level in the effluent and supports treatment by aerobic bacteria in the tank.


After circulating in the Aeration Chamber the waste water migrates to the Clarification Chamber where additional settlement and clarifications occurs. This chamber is usually incorporated within the aeration tank.


Following the clarification chamber the water flows into the Pump Tank. This is a holding chamber and an additional stage of clarification and sterilization. This tank contains a pump for moving treated water to the spray or drip fields. Also this tank includes group of float switches, these devices provide water level information to the electronic control panel.

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