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Septic System Repairs Magnolia TXSeptic System Repairs Magnolia TX

Septic system repairs Magnolia TX suppliers can help you deal with most major issues that arise. However, dealing with a home’s septic tank is not something most homeowners like to deal with at all. That’s why they generally put off necessary annual maintenance, such as pumping, cleaning and inspections. This can lead to huge costs in the long run, though, which ultimately require expensive repairs. Discover some of the most common Magnolia TX septic system repairs and how you can avoid needing them, just by changing a few of your habits.

  1. Soakaway Failure

So what is soakaway? Well, basically it’s the big pit that’s got some rocks and other materials in it. It’s made to absorb your waste and then eventually allow it to soak into the ground. Of course, the waste doesn’t do this until it’s at a state where this would be environmentally safe. When the soakaway fails, your waste generally doesn’t have anywhere to go, and so it goes the only place it can. That just happens to be back up the pipes and into your house. Some of the signs that you may need these soakaway septic system repairs in Magnolia TX are easy to spot. Maybe your toilet keeps overflowing. Perhaps all of your drains are starting to make weird noises. Maybe interesting stuff is coming up into the bathtub or the washing machine. Does something smell a little gross outside or around the drains? Are your toilets slow? Are nearby water sources becoming polluted? Is the area of your yard where the septic system is located starting to show signs of decay? All of these things can be signs of soakaway failure, which can mean it’s definitely time to call septic system repairs Magnolia TX providers.

  1. Water Overflow

A related Magnolia TX septic system repairs need stems from too much water usage. If you’re using an extravagant amount of water, then you may fill up your tank. Then, solid wastes are pushed into piping only created for liquids, causing blockage. If the blockage becomes severe, you’ll need repairs. This is a somewhat easy issue to avoid, and one that you can combat just by being smart. Take shorter showers, and shower at different times throughout the day. For example, parents take their showers in the morning, while kids get a bath at night. Don’t do all of your laundry in one day. Instead, spread it out over the week, doing a load here or there. Invest in water efficient products and appliances.

  1. Algae Blockage

Another kind of blockage that can lead to a need for Magnolia TX septic system repairs is that stemming from algae. That’s right, algae. So, how does algae even get inside your septic tank? Easy. Certain chemicals – phosphates – in your detergent, create the perfect living environment. Just like the water overflow issues, this potential problem is easily fixable just by changing your habits. Instead of using powdered detergents in your laundry and dishwasher, switch to a liquid or gel soap. That’s really it! The powdered detergents contain phosphate, while the gels and liquids don’t.

  1. Pipe Problems

Occasionally, especially if you live in a home with older piping or an older septic tank, your pipes will fail. This is especially true for homes with plumbing over 25 years old. As soon as a pipe fails, you’ll have no other option than to schedule your septic system repairs in Magnolia TX. These pipe failures can come about due to a variety of things. Sometimes a root growing into an already rusting pipe will cause it to finally snap. Normally, though, this can occur just due to old age and wear and tear. There aren’t many things you can do to combat this frequent problem. However, there are ways to tell if the pipe issue is affecting your septic system currently. Are you having frequent backups? Is there a smell of sewage? Does the grass around your sewage tank look particularly green this year? Keep in mind, sometimes sewage acts as a fertilizer, and it may make your lawn look lush, rather than gross and stinky.

Whatever your septic system problem or the various symptoms, don’t make a fatal mistake. It’s advised that you avoid using a cheap or easy shortcut, such as a liquid “draining” product or something that guarantees cutting through whatever’s clogging your system. While they may make it seem like the issues is fixed for a few days, the issue will continue to come back, and likely worse than before. In addition, these chemicals can harm your overall system.

You also most likely don’t want to take a DIY approach to the issue. Looking for a way to fix the problem yourself can only make things worse. Allow professionals to handle what could become a dangerous (even deadly) issue, if not handled appropriately. While something may seem like an easy fix, anything that requires digging around your septic system, or even opening up your septic system for evaluation, can become dangerous. Septic system fumes can kill in seconds if not handled appropriately.

The Best Solution Septic System repairs

The best way to deal with any of these issues, whether you’re sure that you know what the problem is, or you just suspect it, is to call a Magnolia TX septic system repairs provider. Sooner Done Septic Pumping can help you to diagnose your problem correctly and then fix it. Their professionals know how stressful dealing with any septic problems can be. They’re on call to not only teach you the best ways to care for your septic issue, but how to prevent problems in the future. Whether you just need your tank cleaned or pump, or you need some heavier work done, they’ve got you covered. No matter if the problem is wayward roots, old piping or an unsightly clog, they’ll be able to figure it out in minutes. For septic system repairs Magnolia TX resources, you only want to call Sooner Done.

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