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Septic System Services Conroe TX

When looking to care for your septic system, you’ll find the septic system services Conroe TX offers differ, but that each different kind of septic system service benefits you in  a different way. Unfortunately, most homeowners, whether new or established, rarely actually know how to take care of their septic system. Most even forget that there’s a large and highly important system buried in their back yard. Most take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach. However, there are many different actions that homeowners take throughout each and every day that affect their septic systems. Homeowners needs a proper education on septic system care, to avoid long term costs and headaches. Beyond inconveniences to the homeowner, not taking proper care of your septic system can also lead to problems for your entire neighborhood. Leaky septic systems pollute groundwater, leading to issues within your local drinking water, lakes and streams. For this reason and so many more, it’s important to learn about Conroe TX septic system services.

The Do’s and the Do-Not’s

The septic system services Conroe TX offers are helpful when you’ve actually got an issue going. However, you don’t want to be relying on the Conroe TX septic system services every time your toilet won’t flush. With the proper steps, you can be sure that you’re taking care of your septic system through the year and each and every day. This means less headaches for you and fewer visits from your local service.

Before you can learn the proper ways to help your septic system, it’s important to know exactly what a septic system is. Think of it like a living thing. It digests all of that waste you produce, to either store or distribute them safely. Because of this, you never want to put something into your septic system that it can’t properly digest. Toilet paper is created to break down over time, which is why it’s fine, but things like diapers and feminine products are not. Most liquids are also generally fine. After all, you’re probably thinking, how could a liquid clog up my septic system? While a liquid may not create a clog, it can disrupt and harm this “living thing” that is your septic system. Certain chemicals can destroy the natural bacteria that are already in the tank and that work toward digesting things it needs to. Household liquids, such as cleaners, are okay in very small doses, but others, like paint, car oil and gas can critically damage this bacteria. Those items are best disposed of at a hazardous waste collection center and nowhere else.

Another item you could dispose of more efficiently? Food scraps. When these items are ground through a garbage disposal, they leave residue on the septic system that doesn’t go away. Food breaks down very differently from things like human waste and toilet paper, and most septic tanks have not reached the point where they can handle all these different items. You can make a better decision by recycling or composting all of your food scraps.

If you do want to add something to your septic system to help things along, opt for chlorine. The chemical is often used during septic system services in Conroe TX. Don’t think you can easily use any kind of chlorine tablet, though. You most certainly never want to use the same kind of chlorine tablets that you would use for your swimming pool. You want the EPA-certified, chlorine tablets made from calcium hypochlorite that are able to kill 99 percent of present bacteria in as little as 10 minutes. These tablets can be very dangerous if not used properly, so make sure to follow all the directions on the packaging.

What happens during your inspection…

A septic system inspection is advised at least once a year. An inspection can tell you if your system has any underlying problems that you may want to address as soon as possible. A professional contractor will conduct your inspection, and many can be found working with Conroe TX septic system services. The professional inspector can locate the septic tank and your piping, which, if you’re not already aware, can be a good thing to know. If you need to, be sure to make a small map of your yard, showing where your tank and piping is. This will save time during future inspections.

After the inspector finds your septic tank and system, they’ll often either use the manhole provided to take a look, or they’ll go ahead and just dig up the manhole themselves. Once they have access to the tank, the inspector will measure the fullness. They measure the depth of the liquid waste, the scum (or what sits on top) and the sludge (what falls to the bottom). This will tell them how quickly you’re filling your tank and whether or not your usage is normal. The average family or homeowner fills their tank to one-third the amount of liquid with sludge within four years, at which time it’s best to consider either a pumping or a cleaning.

While an inspection is recommended once a year, there are some instances where you’d want to schedule an inspector regardless. If you notice the inability to flush your toilets, water rising within sinks and tubs and strange behavior on behalf of your water-related appliances, give your inspector a call.

Which Conroe TX septic system services provider is right for you?

Want to learn more about your Conroe TX septic system services and how you can better take care of your system? Sooner Done Septic Pumping, Inc., not only handles all pumping and cleaning for several kinds of septic systems, but they also will make sure you know how to take care of your system properly through the years. Remember, making the right choices on a day to day basis will ensure that your septic tank lasts a lifetime. You’ll save money and have fewer stresses, as you rely on your once-yearly inspection and your every-four-years cleaning to get things done. Start relying on the multitude of septic system services Conroe TX offers to assist.