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24630 Mitchell RD, Hempstead, TX 77445 | 281-894-PUMP (7867) | En Espanol: (832) 630-7227

Septic System Services Magnolia TX

The septic system services Magnolia TX offers are varied, but each is important for the care of both your system and your home. However, many new homeowners hardly know what it takes to maintain a septic system. After all, the big box buried underneath your yard is hardly at the forefront of your mind. But did you know little actions throughout the day can be drastically hurting your septic system? Proper septic system care should be a priority. A failed system costs you tons of money and requires you to dig up your yard. Beyond that, though, it also can pollute and contaminate groundwater. This contamination can spread to your local drinking water, recreational lakes and more. Not only is it gross, it’s also a huge health risk. As you can see, staying on top of your Magnolia TX septic system services isn’t just a personal issue, it’s a community concern.

What to do/not to do for a healthy septic system…

While the septic system services Magnolia TX provides can help you out when you’re having issues, proper care ensures the healthy life of your system. You don’t want to be relying on the Magnolia TX septic system services to fix a problem once it becomes dangerous. Thankfully, there are many things that homeowners and residents can do to prevent a failed system.

If you’re not too familiar with what a septic system is, think of it like a living organism. In many ways it digests wastes further, to properly store them until a later time. That being said, you never want to put anything in your system that won’t break down. Your toilet paper does break down over time, but other things won’t. While toilet paper is made to go there, things like diapers, paper towels and other trash is not. While most liquids are fine, you do want to be careful with strong household cleaners. These can interrupt the bacteria of the tank, which is what digests all the waste. While small amounts of household cleaners may be fine, any amount of things like paint, auto oil and gasoline can spell huge problems. Take those items to a hazardous waste collection center.

Other Factors ..

Garbage disposals can also add a layer of unneeded residue to your tank, as the broken down food wastes form a film that often won’t go away. Recycling or composting your food scraps is often a more Eco-friendly answer. In addition, under no circumstances should cooking oils or grease be poured down a sink drain.

One thing that you can add safely to your (aerobic) septic system is chlorine. Chlorine is frequently used as part of septic system services in Magnolia TX. However, not just any chlorine tablet can be used. You want to be sure you pick one made from calcium hypochlorite and certified by the EPA. These tablets are capable of killing up to 99 percent of the bacteria present within 10 minutes. Because of the amazing strength of these tablets, follow all directions and precautions on the packaging carefully. Also be sure to never use the same chlorine tablets that you’d use in a swimming pool. These are not the same and don’t have the same disinfectant power. They’re also not approved by the EPA.

What to expect from a septic system inspection…

It’s smart to consider annual inspections of your septic system. This just ensures that there are no problems and that everything is safe to continue using. A professional contractor can conduct the inspection, which is just one of the septic system services Magnolia TX allows. First, the contractor will locate the system and piping, if you’re not sure where it is already. In this case, make a note of it, so that you can remember the location for the future. Some people find it handy to make a sketch of the yard with the location indicated.

Once located, you’ll have to dig through anything covering up the manhole. You may need to install risers. Then, the inspector generally measures how full your septic system is. When the septic system reaches the point where the sludge is about a third deep within the liquid, it’s time to schedule a cleaning. This is the case even if you’ve had a cleaning within the last four years. It could be a sign that you’re filling your tank quicker than normal. This could be due to adding things you shouldn’t be, such as paper products and other items like those listed above.

In some cases, you may want to schedule an inspection more than just once a year. This is the case if you notice any issues arising. This includes the inability to flush toilets, rising water in bathtubs and other abnormal rising water. It can affect sinks, dishwashers and washing machines as well.

Which Magnolia TX septic system services provider is right for you?

If you’re needing a Magnolia TX septic system services provider, consider the handy people at Sooner Done Septic Pumping, Inc. They handle the pumping and cleaning for all kinds of septic systems, both aerobic and conventional. They’ll make sure that they not only take great care of your system, but also the rest of your property. Dealing with your septic system can be difficult, especially if you’re not familiar with how it works. Sooner Done can help educate you in maintaining your system over the years, and making the best choices to save you money. From a first installation to inspections to pumping and cleaning and repairs, they handle it all.

Don’t allow your septic system to become a neighborhood nuisance. Make sure that you’re taking proper care of your system, to prevent pollution and deadly consequences. Making simple choices throughout each day add up to big savings and fewer headaches in the end. There’s no excuse for carelessness, especially where water safety is concerned. Take care of your system and your city. You know you can rely on the myriad of septic system services Magnolia TX offers to assist.