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Septic Tank Cleaning Near Me

So you type in septic tank cleaning near me on Google. You wait and a list of providers in your area pops up. There are numbers to call for quotes. But do any of these providers really tell you what to expect? If you’re just the average homeowner, you probably aren’t even familiar with the intricate workings of your septic tank. Do you even need your septic tank pumped? What’s the difference between pumping and cleaning? When’s the right time to pump your septic tank? Don’t let someone just come onto your property, pump your tank and charge you an exorbitant fee without knowing the facts. Homeowner education can ensure you know exactly what you’re getting, and if you even need it in the first place.

So why even worry about septic tank cleaning near me?

Well, there are a lot of reasons you want your septic tank pumped. Most septic tanks will remove the solids from the waste water, layering them in three sections. The tank holds this mixture of sludge on the bottom, liquid in the middle and scum on the top. The scum contains floating particles, such as, oil and fatty residues. The tank actually promotes the biological absorption of some of the waste, while holding those that can’t be absorbed. The treated water is released into the ground, while the non-treated water and waste stays in the tank. However, if you ignore your tank for years upon years, it’s eventually going to fail to do its job. Total septic tank failure is a costly and otherwise horrible experience.

When Should You Have Your Tank Serviced?

Generally, we advise that you pump your tank once every four years, and also give it a cleaning. What’s the difference between pumping and cleaning? A pumping will remove all the liquid waste and floating particles that are easiest to get out. A cleaning gets down into the deep and dirty layers to scratch off years of hardened on sludge. Think of it like this. A pumping is like brushing your teeth every day. You get the main stuff off, and your breath is nice and fresh, but you could still be growing some cavities in there. A cleaning is like going to the dentist, where everything is taken care of and you’re left super clean and any issues are fixed.

Septic Tank Cleaning Close To Me

It is noted, though, that some tanks fill up faster than others. After all, a single person living in a small home is going to use far less water and produce far less waste than a large family. While the four years rule is somewhat normal, the best way to know if your tank needs to be pumped is through a yearly inspection to test the layer levels. When the layer of sludge at the bottom of the tank is about one-third of the depth of the liquid waste, it’s time to pump and clean.

Is there any time I should not be looking for septic cleaning near me?

It is, in fact, possible to pump your septic tank at the wrong time. Pumping isn’t the answer to every septic system issue. For example, maybe the area around you recently flooded, whether due to heavy rain or a storm. Flooding can lead to problems with septic tanks, usually normal problems that will go away when the water subsides. Some homeowners jump to conclusions, however, and assume there must be something wrong. Instead of waiting for the floodwaters to pass, they schedule an immediate pumping. The main problems that can occur with this depend on the type of tank you have. Some can be made of plastic or fiberglass, making them float. Dig while the groundwater is especially high from flooding and the hole you dig will start to fill with water. At this time, the tank will start to float. Unfortunately, it may begin to stick to various pipes and the rest of the system won’t stop it. As your tank floats, it will rip itself away from the other parts of the system, leading to huge costs for you.

The Different Systems and Setups

Tanks made of concrete, are not in the clear. The groundwater and moving mud and silt from the flood are settling onto the concrete structure. When you open up your tank, they’ll shift even more, most likely going into the tank. You can’t just leave it there, so you’re going to have to have it all pumped out, resulting in higher costs. Bottom line — if there’s been any flooding in your area at all, wait to pump.

In some occasions, especially if you live in an older home, your septic tank may be so old that it simply can’t handle a pumping. Begin to remove everything that’s built up in there over the years and you’re going to see the tank collapse in on itself. Not only will you then not have a septic tank, but such a thing can be very dangerous for anyone present.

If you’re absolutely sure that you’re needing some septic tank cleaning in your area, hire a professional inspector to come out and take a look at the situation. You should be having this done regularly every year anyway, but if you’ve put it off, now’s the time. An inspector can tell you if it’s proper to pump your tank or not, and inform you of any problems. If you’re seeing certain symptoms you’re worried about, they’ll generally be able to tell you where they’re stemming from.

So where can I find a professional for septic tank cleaning near me?

You may be surprised to find out that there are professionals serving your area right now. Sooner Done Septic Pumping, INC. is one of the best septic services for identifying your problem and insuring your system’s long term health. Beyond pumping, Sooner Done provides an entire range of services, from inspections to cleanings to repairs. Give us a call and we will come right out and see what the problem is. Our qualified inspectors will educate you on how to properly care for your tank, now and later. They know your septic tank is a critical part of a home, even though it may be out of sight and out of mind. Stop searching for septic tank cleaning near me and start searching for Sooner Done.