24630 Mitchell RD, Hempstead, TX 77445 | 281-894-PUMP (7867) | En Espanol: (832) 630-7227
24630 Mitchell RD, Hempstead, TX 77445 | 281-894-PUMP (7867) | En Espanol: (832) 630-7227

Sooner Done Septic Pumping is one of the leading septic experts in the Harris, Montgomery, and Waller County areas. We know how to install, inspect, and repair conventional septic systems as well as modern aerobic septic systems.

Knowing the difference between conventional septic systems and aerobic systems is important. Both systems vary in complexity. Conventional systems are simpler and have no moving parts. Aerobic systems are extensive and hi-tech, but produce cleaner effluent.

We compiled information about the three main systems we service – conventional septic systems, single-tank aerobic systems, and multi-tank aerobic systems. We explain how each system works and provide illustrated diagrams for your reference.

Not sure how a septic / aerobic system works? Please click here to view our animation on how septic systems work.

Conventional Septic System


A conventional septic system uses an anaerobic (non-oxygen) process to break down waste water. Conventional septic systems contain a pre-treatment tank and a final-treatment tank.

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Aerobic Single Tank System


The modern Aerobic septic system is a hi-tech onsite wastewater treatment plant. These systems use several tanks, air and water pumps, pressure and float switches and an electronic control panel to perform the task of treating domestic waste water.

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Aerobic Multi-Tank System


The main difference between a single-tank system and a multi-tank system is the extensiveness of the latter.

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